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Balboa Capital’s Vendor Program

As a leading business equipment funding firm, Balboa Capital relies on more than 20 years of experience to provide unique solutions for businesses that need expensive capital equipment. As suppliers work with their customers, few financing options are available, leading to increased customer objections based on price and affordability. Balboa Capital’s vendor program removes the emphasis from price, allowing both the retailer and its clientele to instead focus on a product’s performance value. At the same time, the vendor program gives merchants another marketing tool, enabling them to offer leasing plans backed by Balboa Capital. This results in more satisfied clients, who appreciate having flexible and affordable payment options.

Balboa Capital’s program enables organizations to lease almost all types of necessary new or used business equipment. Doing so can help to improve company cash flow and avoid tying up cash assets in capital equipment. Vendors that participate in this program offer their customers greater liquidity and flexibility when obtaining equipment to operate their businesses. A vendor’s client may need to make between zero and two monthly lease payments upfront, but versatile lease structuring options create synergy with the organization’s unique financial status. Both credit-challenged companies and those with excellent credit may benefit from a leasing program backed by Balboa Capital.

Merchants seeking flexibility in working with their business clients can learn more about Balboa Capital’s vendor program at